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A great main focus for the new year

When I woke up this morning, I received an instant revelation from the Lord. When we pass on, and enter the heaven, the holy angels at the entrance will look at what we are wearing. Your spiritual garment will be whatever you have been focusing on during your lifetime. More specifically what loved most in your life.

This is why Paul said "put on Christ." The more we read about what Jesus did on the cross for us, and the more we get to know God, and the more we engage him, the more of Christ we will put on. Do you see what I'm saying? Like for us guys, if we just focused on women, cars, gambling, that's what we will have on when we enter heaven. However, if we really desire to know God and we go for it, we will put on Christ, and our hearts will be captured by his goodness. His goodness far outways, the pleasure of gawking at women, gambling, smoking etc… God is raising us up higher to enjoy him, and to have a much higher quality of life experience in Christ.

So in a nutshell. When we read the Bible about what Jesus did for us on the cross, and discover what that means for us, and other people. And, we share it with others as the revelation comes, we will begin to experience miracles. We literally put on Christ. He is always with us and in us, but it is our job to pursue him, to get to know him, and to let our Christ life come alive on the outside as well.

There's no better way to start your deeper pursuit of Him then to do a 21 day getaway with Jesus. We have created a playlist on YouTube that has over 60 videos you can watch and immerse yourself in the truth and grace Jesus came to bring.

Here is the link.

An even better way is to go to Charis Bible College and you will get a 21 day getaway every month! My life was changed dramatically 10 years ago when my wife Rebecca and I attended the college for two years. They have over 40 locations worldwide.

Make the best investment in yourself possible by making it a priority to get to know the Lord for yourself. I promise you will be blessed like never before

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