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Our main focus as believers

Remain focus as believers is on Jesus, his words and his ways. Second, Peter chapter 1 tells us that God gives us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Jesus. That’s right, we can get to know Jesus personally and intimately.

Hebrews chapter 1 shows us that Jesus is the express image of God. So when we get to know, Jesus, we get to know God. Knowing God changes everything for the better! We begin to realize that God is kind, gentle, forgiving, and very, very positive About our future.

Since getting to know, God is the pathway to our peace, freedom and holiness, we dedicated this site to help you get to know God and his way. It’s like being on a continuous treasure hunt! It’s like finding the greatest movie , you have ever seen, and you are one of the stars in it! The whole Bible is about the nature of God and how he came to live in you and with you forever.

With all this in mind, enjoy the journey of getting to know God. One caveat is your own human nature and people around you will try to derail you from this focus. Therefore, make friends with others who are on this journey of getting to know God, including with those who are experienced at it. Will have an abundance of peace, joy, patience, and love. They will support you and encourage you and help you find resources like you on this website to help you grow in your relationship with God.

If you’re ready to supercharge your knowledge of God, Check out the 30 day Forever Free God discovery course. This is the most powerful course we have found to date in helping you get to know God in the shortest amount of time as possible. Within 30 days your knowledge can increase so much you will notice a change in your body mind and spirit. click on the link below to start.

It’s totally free. Stay in touch with us to let us know how you’re doing. Feel free to click to call at the bottom of the discovery page on our website to let us know how you’re doing. We look forward to hearing from you!

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